Roger Carlton Sherman Designer
References and Projects

Roger Carlton Sherman has been or is a member of the following organizations in addition to those mentioned at left.


American Institute of Interior Designers, later the American Society of Interior Designers


Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam

The Noble Society of Celts  Co-Founder


Friends of St. George's Chapel & Descendants of the Garter

Friends of the Library, Monson MA

The Tomanian Society

The Monarchist League (London)

Arms of Roger Carlton Sherman



Recent Non-Profit Projects and Donations

2006 - Orders and Decorations - Monson, Massachusetts

          An exhibit of medals and emblems of chivalry from around the world for the Monson Free Library, including sponsorship of an opening reception.

2007 - History of Bookplates - Monson and Brimfield, Massachusetts

          Over 40 matted bookplates from historic figures in the arts, politics, literature and the like, also for the Monson Free Library and the Brimfield Library.

2008 - July - Philatelic Exhibition - Monson, Massachusetts

          A collection of engraved commemorative covers featuring the signers of the Declaration of Independance.

2012 - Awaards of Service and Honor,  Brooksville, Florida

            Exhibition of chivalric insignia at Brooksville City Hall, Brooksville Fl

2013 - Bookplate Exhibition

            Poovided exhibition of the art of the Bookplate to libraries in Hernando and Pascco Counties, Floirda

2014 Orders and Decorations Collection - The Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, FL

           Donated his entire collection,  personal and acquired orders and decorations to the famed Lightner Museum

2016 - United States Postage Stamp Exhibit - The Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, FL

            With a complementary exhibit prepared for the Monson Free Library & Reading Room (Monson, MA)

2016 - Worldwide Collection of Decorative Eggs 

             Loaned collection of collectible eggs to the May Stringer Museum in Brooksville, FL




50 Years of Volunteerism

City of Tampa

     *Henry B. Plant Museum.  former Chairman of the  Henry B. Plant Museum. 

     *The Tampa Theatre.  Involved in the restoration of the historic theater, donor of a number of seats, held the first major charity event in the facility.

City of St. Petersburg

     *Sat as Chair of the Special Board of Adjustment.

     *Commissioner of The St. Petersburg Arts Commission

     *Museum of Fine Arts.  Life member, donor

     *St. Petersburg Opera Company.  Served as Board Member, donor and Officer.

  *Co-Founder of the Order of Salvador for the Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL and donor of regalia of the Order.  Roger Sherman, Eleanor Morse and A. Reynolds Morse at the founding of the Order


Hillsborough County, Florida

     *Served as President of the Friends of the Musuem, later as  Chair of the Hillsborough County Museum Board of Directors


Hernando County - Brooksville Area

Historic Hernando Preservation Society (Board Member),

 Hernando County  Arts Council

Brooksville Beautificaton Board, Vice Chairman

Brooksville Vision Committee

Great Brooksvillian Screening Committee, Vice Chair


     *Donor, the Monson Free Library.  Contributions and materials to the Archives of the town.  Massachusetts.

   *Member, Friends of the Library, Monson, Massachusetts

     *Member, Monson Historical Society, Massachusetts



     *Officer Brother of the Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem.  (HM Queen Elizabeth II, Grand Master)



       *Knight Grand Cross of the Military & Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, Former Member of the Grand Council, Grand Bailiff Emeritus of the United States, Grand Archivist Emeritus of the Order. (SAR The Duke of Seville, Grand Master). Knight of Merit, Gold Cross of Merit. Retired



     *Knight Grand Cross with Collar, the Order of St. Stanislas.  Former director of  communications, Ambassador at Large


*Commander, The Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, granted by the Imperial House of Viet Nam. together with a courtesy title and rank of Baron .


     *Friends of St. George's and Descendants of The Garter, Windsor, UK. Life member    

 *The Principality of Tomania, Inc. Founding member


     *Co Founder, the Noble Society of Celts.  Private philanthropic and historical society


People and Places

During his long career, Roger has traveled extensively, and met some amazing people, in addtion to his great clients, some of which are listed here:

HM Queen Elizabeth II, in Tampa, FL on the occasion of her visit.

HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, in London, at Clarence House when presenting a drawing of Buckingham Palace Roger had drawn.

HRH Prince Tomislav of Jugoslavia and his family.  Initially in Miami, with a continuing friendship for 20 years.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, in London, at the Wedding Reception of HRH Princess Katarina of Jugoslavia.

William Shatner, in Tampa, while working on a motion picture in which Roger was Art Director. Later visiting in Studio City, CA.

Ruth Roman, same picture as Bill Shatner.

Margaret O'Brien, as his dinner partner in Mount Dora, Florida.

John Glenn, sharing a taxi ride in Pennsylvania

The Duke of Seville, father and son, as member of the Supreme Council of the Order of St. Lazarus

The Duke of Anjou y Cadiz, in organizaing his visit to Florida for Hispanic Awareness Month.

The Duke and Duchess of Argyll, originally in Miami, later as guests in his house in Tampa and as a guest at Inveraray Castle in Scotland.

Princess Miriam of Ethiopia & Lord Zuede, at a charity event in Miami. Granddaughter of Emperor Silasse.

Princess Alia Ali Kahn, London and Miami.

Garrison Keilor, at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.

Liza Minelli, at the Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami

Victor Spinetti, popular English comedy actor, London.

Michael Staniforth, star of the productions of Chorus Line and Starlight Express, in London

The Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, as guest for dinner at their home, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

HH The Patriarch of Alexandria and Jerusalem, in Manchester, UK